About PoweringtheGrid

PoweringtheGrid aims to be a world reference blog on energy issues.

The contributors will try to bring the latest breaking news and information about worldwide events in the energy industry;  renewable and non-renewable will be covered.

Both contributors to PoweringtheGrid are Spanish engineers, passionate about the energy industry and very interested in the future role and importance it will have in the coming years.

The contributors face the challenging environment with objectivity and interest towards different alternatives and technologies.

About the contributors:

Federico Álvarez del Blanco is a spanish Industrial Engineer that graduated from University of Navarra in 2012 and has persued his final thesis on Carbon Capture and Storage, mainly on post-combustion amine capture on natural gas combined cycle. He is currently working in a Logistics and Supply Chain Consultancy in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Federico is very interested in the future devolpments of the energetic sector in order to cope with demand and is enthusiastically following the leaps in knowledge that are currently happening in this field.

He has visited Cambridge University to take “Climate, energy and survival”, “Nanotechnology” and “Material science, energy and sustainability” courses. Additionally, he has been a student at New York University’s Stern School of Business “Introduction to Financial Markets” program and took, at Stanford University, “Decision Making in Organisations” and “Public Speaking” courses.

Federico truly believes that an energetic revolution and a change in traditional energy production will occur in the XXI century, and proclaims that this change will only occur when people become aware of the importance of Clean Energy production and the negative repercussion the environment is currently experiencing.

Luis Paniagua received his MSc in Mechanical Engineering on 2011 from University of Navarra . Luis is currently enrolled in a training programme for future technical leaders at Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant in Valencia, Spain. At the end of the programme he will also obtain the reactor/turbine operator license granted by the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council (CSN).

Luis has previously worked at Procter&Gamble, in Brussels, developing a model and philosophy to measure the overall efficiency of P&G’s Supply Chain. He has also been an engineering intern at Rotork Nuclear, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Energy passionate, Luis considers a balanced mix of nuclear and renewable energies essential to mantain our current growth rate and satisfy energy demand. Both are complementary and essential sources in order to generate electricity.

Luis’ favourites readings go from Small Modular Reactors (SMR), Gen IV Reactors and Carbon Capture to Gas Turbine, H2 Nuclear Coproduction and Fracking.


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