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Britain to have Boiling Water Reactors

Hitachi will take forward the Horizon Nuclear Power project. Between four and six boiling water reactors are now slated for construction in Britain. Generation I and II units from the UK’s former national nuclear program were based on graphite-moderated cores cooled by carbon dioxide. A project in the 1990s to compliment these with a tranche … Continue reading

The Promise and Problems of Pricing Carbon: Theory and Experience

The Promise and Problems of Pricing Carbon: Theory and Experience Because of the global commons nature of climate change, international cooperation among nations will likely be necessary for meaningful action at the global level. At the same time, it will inevitably be up to the actions of sovereign nations to put in place policies that bring about meaningful … Continue reading

Marine Energy Projects Pick Up Momentum

LONDON — Hopes of harnessing the churn and flow of the seas to generate power are pushing forward work in the small but growing tidal and wave energy industry. Despite a tough investment climate, proponents expect the technologies to begin contributing significant amounts of clean energy to power grids around the world within a decade. … Continue reading

Life-Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Shale Gas, Natural Gas, Coal, and Petroleum

The technologies and practices that have enabled the recent boom in shale gas production have also brought attention to the environmental impacts of its use. It has been debated whether the fugitive methane emissions during natural gas production and transmission outweigh the lower carbon dioxide emissions during combustion when compared to coal and petroleum. Using … Continue reading