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U.S. Budget seeks more funds for CCS

Projects / Policy, Feb  19  2012 (Carbon Capture Journal) – $275.9 million for CCS research has been requested in President Obama’s FY 2013 budget announcement. While the U.S. demonstration programme continues to be funded through the Recovery Act, more funds are needed for research and development. The program announced supports research to significantly reduce coal … Continue reading

Floating wind farm study launched in Cornwall

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk 21 February 2012 A £25m floating wind farm could be built off the coast of Hayle in west Cornwall, it has been announced. The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) is funding a feasibility study on using the county’s wave hub facility. The hub is the world’s largest wave energy test site which was put … Continue reading

Stop blowing money on onshore wind farms, offshore is more efficient

By Helen Barnett Hopes to build a wind port in Harwich were given a boost with a new budget proposal.Onshore wind farm budgets should be slashed and put towards offshore alternatives, it has been claimed. More than 100 MPs have demanded cuts in subsidies for onshore wind turbines, deeming them inefficient. A collective of Tory … Continue reading

The CO2 Capture Project

Source: http://www.carboncapturejournal.com The CO2 Capture Project (CCP) has completed the first phase of a study into the impact of CO2 impurities on geological storage of CO2. The CCP is using reservoir simulation and laboratory experiments to study the potential impacts of impure CO2 streams on storage containment. If it can be shown that impurities do … Continue reading

What do you get when you cross an accelerator with a nuclear reactor?

Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk By: Corrinne Burns   Professor Bob Cywinski is every inch the academic: a wavy-haired, bearded man with a voice like hot coffee poured on a Sunday morning. But he is also a man with a dream: to change the nuclear landscape of the UK.  Conventional nuclear power (fission) is controversial and carries inherent risks, … Continue reading

U.S. Regulators Approve First Nuclear Power Plant In A Generation

Source: http://www.npr.org by Eyder Peralta The National Regulatory Agency announced it had given Southern Co. the OK to build two nuclear reactors in Georgia, making it the first new nuclear power plant approved in a generation. The AP, which reported earlier today that the NRC was poised to give its approval, reports that one of … Continue reading

Barriers for CO2 sequestration

Published : Tuesday, February 7th, 2012 By : Bloomberg The cloud of carbon dioxide that burst out of Lake Nyos in Cameroon and asphyxiated 1,700 people haunts the plans of oil and power companies to bury their greenhouse gases underground. “It was shocking,” said Minoru Kusakabe, a Japanese geochemist who makes regular trips to the … Continue reading

First variable geometry solar plant commissioned

25-1-2012 Source: http://www.renovablesmadeinspain.com The Advanced Technology Centre for Renewable Energy (CTAER) has appointed Abengoa to build a unique facility in the world. It has been dubbed the “Variable Geometry Solar Plant,” devised by a professor of thermodynamics at the University of Seville, Valeriano Ruiz. Professor Valeriano Ruiz is President of CTAER, President of Protermosolar and … Continue reading