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Shale-Gas made in China

Posted by Anthony Harrington, December 20, 2011   On 6 December, Reuters and several other media sources announced that China was on the cusp of a shale gas revolution that was potentially even bigger than the shale gas boom currently transforming the energy balance in the United States. Petro China, the publicly owned subsidiary of … Continue reading

Take a look at the future of energy

IEA 2012 Outlook The IEA has recently made public the new Energy Outlook 2012. Check it out in order to have a glance of how the energy sector will be in the next 40 years. Projections in the Annual Energy Outlook 2012 reference case focus on the factors that shape U.S. energy markets in the … Continue reading

2012 US Elections Candidates on Energy

Source: Council on Foreign Relations Updated: January 25, 2012 Amid ongoing economic struggles, the cost and availability of energy resources have become contentious issues in the United States. President Barack Obama and Republican candidates say that increasing energy independence is critical to national security. However, they disagree on environmental and regulatory policy, as well as … Continue reading

How do you store CO2?

This video by the European Zero Emission Platform briefly explains how industry will store carbon dioxide that has been captured via post-combustion, oxy-combustion or pre-combustion technologies.

Polish Shale Gas

By Frank Holmes, Econmatters November 3,2011 Poland is setting the stage to become a rising player in the European natural gas market. Europe has long been reliant on Russia for its supply of natural gas, but domestic discoveries of shale gas—along with strong governmental support for drilling—might soon catapult Poland to the forefront of the energy … Continue reading

Super-fracking is here!

Oil service companies roll out new technologies to break up more earth more cheaply By David Wethe, Bloomberg BusinessWeek Few energy industry practices have sparked more controversy than hydraulic fracking. First, wells are drilled horizontally below the surface, allowing a single bore or pathway to reach vertical pockets of oil and natural gas trapped between formations … Continue reading

Carbon Capture Journal’s Summary of 2011 Activity

For more information please visit: Carbon Capture Journal review of 2011 Feature Articles, Dec  30  2011 (Carbon Capture Journal) – The year followed a similar pattern to 2010, with positive announcements of funding agreed or construction beginning at some major projects tempered by news of project cancellations elsewhere, and ended on a tentative high point with CCS … Continue reading

UK Reaches 6GW of Installed Wind Power Capacity

Posted by : Offshore WIND staff, January 19, 2012; Image: Vattenfall RenewableUK, the trade association representing the renewable energy industries, has announced that the country’s wind sector has reached a landmark 6 gigawatts of installed capacity – enough to supply electricity to 3,354,893 homes. The 6GW threshold was reached by the Ormonde offshore wind farm, off … Continue reading