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Spain’s new HLW. Location: Villar de Cañas (Cuenca)

Spain´s new HLW will be built using the patron of a HLW already built: Habog (Holland) High-level radioactive waste High-level radioactive waste consists of nuclear fuel elements that have been used in research reactors, waste from the production of nuclear medical isotopes and reprocessing waste from nuclear power reactors. In Spain this concerns the research … Continue reading

Why is BILL GATES launching a new NUCLEAR reactor?

TerraPower—with the backing of Bill Gates—has a radical vision for the reactors of tomorrow Bill Gates founded and is guiding a start-up called TerraPower LLC, where he serves as chairman, Mr. Gates has become a player in a field of inventors whose goal is to make nuclear reactors smaller, cheaper and safer than today’s nuclear … Continue reading

A rising tide?

“A remote town hopes to become a clean-energy hub” “There’s a chance for us to become the centre of a global industry,” says Calum Davidson, a director of Highlands and Islands Enterprise, an economic-development agency. Three big British utilities (ScottishPower, Scottish and Southern Energy, and E.ON UK), along with some smaller firms, have bought licences … Continue reading

Debate: Does the world need nuclear energy?

Will the boom in natural gas drilling contaminate America’s water supply?

In the debate over energy resources, natural gas is often considered a “lesser-of-evils”. While it does release some greenhouse gases, natural gas burns cleaner than coal and oil, and is in plentiful supply—parts of the U.S. sit above some of the largest natural gas reserves on Earth. But a new boom in natural gas drilling, … Continue reading

FUKUSHIMA: 9 months later

This is a brief explanation on Fukushima progress. It seems reactors are stable and a good plan is being followed to make inhabitants of the area come home as soon as possible. Take a look :

Toshiba achieves 2.6 GJ/tonne CO2 for Post Combustion

Great news from the Toshiba plant. One of the most important variables of Post Combustion technologies is the Regeneration Energy necessary to scrub the amine and extract the CO2 that it contains. This number is one of the key factors in evaluating plant capital and operational costs. It is important to remember that, according to … Continue reading

Air Liquid’s new Carbon Capture Plant Results.

Check out the new results of the Oxycombustion process at spanish CIUDEN project. Read more at: http://carboncapturejournal.com/displaynews.php?NewsID=875&PHPSESSID=7eum8tibm1bmcvs4r9q0pp4cu2